I was thrilled to join the good folks over at Digital Dads for an interview discussing the core themes from my book, Good Dog Happy Baby. Here’s the short blurb which they included on their website.

I encourage you to learn more about Digital Dads! In their own words: “Our biggest goal at Digital Dads is to provide a super interesting and amazingly insightful look at the joys and pains of parenting in this brave new world. And if we come up a little short well, we tried. But I can tell you now that this is the best thing to hit the Internet since AOL. And that’s saying something.”

From Digital Dads

Everyone’s happy when the new baby arrives. Months of anticipation until finally, it’s time to bring the little bundle of joy home for good. But what if there’s a dog in the house already. Will the dog be territorial over the domain? What of the existing pecking order? Where does the baby fit into the picture.


These are all great questions and in this episode we have the privilege of picking the brain of Michael Wombacher, author of Good Dog, Happy Baby. Michael has decades of experience training dogs and his latest book is perfect for anyone expecting a new addition. In fact, it’s great for anyone with dogs and children as it includes a 12-Step program to transform your dog into a loving and well-behaved member of the family. Super fun interview!


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