Tricks & Agility Class

Tricks & Agility Class

Interested in having some fun with your dog beyond the limits of straight obedience training? Join me for a tricks and agility class.
In this class we’ll focus on an assortment of tricks, including the usual things – shake hands, roll over and so on. But that’s just the start. Then we move to on to useful things like ‘go to place’ and before you know it, you’ll be doing things like ‘crawl,’ ‘up against the wall,’ ‘play dead,’ wave good bye and many other things, including some ‘pretend protection training,’ and more. We’ll also keep an eye on any quirky behaviors your dog might have that can be turned into a fun trick unique to you and your furry partner.
We’ll also be working with agility obstacles, including various kinds of jumps, tunnels, hoops and weave poles to supplement the tricks.
The emphasis of this class is pure fun. We’re not training for any kind of competition or anything else that would create pressure on your or your dog. The goal is to take your training and the relationship it builds with your dog to the next level. Tricks and agility develop your dog’s confidence, build teamwork and deepen friendship.
There are no age requirements for this class. Any dog, from 12 week old puppy to 12 year old senior, can participate so long as they’re tolerant of other dogs.
If that’s something you’re interested in, come and join us. Simply notify me of your interest using the form on this page and I’ll let you know when the next class starts. I generally start them every six weeks or so. Classes will run for six sessions and cost $325. Looking forward to ‘play-training’ with you and your dog.

Mike wombacher​

Founder, Dog Gone Good

I'm interested in your Tricks & Agility Class

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