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Integrated Dog Training

The Commonsense Visual Guide to Training Any Dog

Designed for quick reference while working with your dog, this large-format guidebook features the full gamut of training exercises — each illustrated with photos and clear instructions. It offers a wealth of ways to approach various dogs and scenarios, whether you’re training a puppy to sit or correcting training issues in a mature dog. 
   Michael Wombacher, a trainer with decades of experience, knows all the competing dog training theories but also knows that in reality, it is a range of methods that gets dogs and their humans where they need to be. His Integrated Dog Training is a much-needed commonsense approach that avoids cookie-cutter dictates and recognizes the individuality of each dog.  Easy-to-use, image-driven, and immediately applicable, this is a truly unique, invaluable resource that gets people and dogs in sync and happy lifelong.

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