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Jeannie Applegate

It was important to me to take this opportunity to tell you once more just how much I appreciate all the wonderful work you’ve done over the past year with my much-loved greyhound, Corinna. As you know, Corinna was rescued by the Greyhounds Friends for Life organization and came to me via the GFL directly from the racetracks of Arizona and Mexico. As a result of a life in which she had experienced severe abuse and neglect, Corinna was, when she first came to live with me, an extremely traumatized and withdrawn creature. When I look at Corinna as she is today, so beautiful, so joyous, so very confident and full of life, I know that this transformation could not have been accomplished without your own tremendous talent and devotion to dogs.

Over the past year, you have taught both Corinna and me not only the requisite skills but, more importantly, how to communicate with each other and how to form a wonderful partnership and the strongest of bonds. In the process, Corinna has also come to love you very much which makes me enormously happy. So again, Mike, our heartfelt thanks for all you have done for Corinna and me.

Allison and Chris Fragakis

When we adopted our dog Marley from the pound, we weren’t quite prepared for his extremely bad case of “separation anxiety.” My bargain dog of $35 had cost me nearly $1000 in damages in the first two weeks after we brought him home. He was the perfect dog as long as people were around– but he turned into the destroyer when left alone. He mutilated four seat belts, a headrest, washer and dryer electric cords, window curtains, leashes, doors frames– you name it– he ate it! My husband and I felt helpless– to make matters worse Marley was an escape artist– he even discovered how to bust out of his crate. Mike first helped us understand what was going on in Marley’s mind and then came up with a solid plan to help us and Marley calm down. We learned that some of the behaviors we thought were helping were actually making matters worse– like giving him lots of attention and saying good-bye just before leaving. Mike gave us practical solutions that worked–and after 5 training sessions and a lot of homework we are now able to leave Marley alone in the house or car with no problem!

Lysa Lewin

After purchasing my six week old chocolate lab, I immediately started researching dog trainers in the Bay Area. I visited group classes and also spoke to several trainers. Mike Wombacher came highly recommended to me by two reliable sources, Perfect Paws and Avenues Pet Hospital in San Francisco. I spoke to Mike over the phone and based on that one conversation knew that he had both the knowledge and experience to assist me in getting control over my dog. When Mike first met my puppy, he received instant respect from her, something I hadn’t received in the two months I had her. After eight sessions with Mike, not only have I gained the respect of my dog, but I have eliminated all the problems I was experiencing. My dog still respects Mike and sits without being told whenever she sees him, but she respects me as well. When I say come, she comes; when I say off she drops whatever she might be chewing or thinking about chewing. My dog no longer walks me when we go out. Mike Wombacher has taught me how to communicate and gain the respect of my puppy without having to be mean and I highly recommend him to solve on any issues you might be having with your pet. Eight years ago I went through a group training course with my other dog, private training with Mike presented faster results. If I can be of any assistance or provide additional information, please call me at (415) 731-9916.

Michael Tilson Thomas

Michael Wombacher is a maestro of dog trainers. His clarity of thinking, sense of humor and skills in communicating make dog training fun for both pet and pet lover.

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