Natural Birth and Baby Care Podcast

I was delighted to chat with Kristen from Natural Birth and Baby Care all about how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby.

Below is Kristen’s writeup from the show and you can listen to it here.

Today I interview Mike Wombacher, author of the book Good Dog, Happy Baby and an expert in hands-on dog training. Mike has been training dogs in all kinds of situations for decades, but has found a special mission in helping families prepare their dogs for a new baby. Listen in for great tips on getting your favorite canine ready for your new little one!


Topics We Discuss in This Podcast:

-When Mike realized just how common it was for people to assume everything would be alright with dog and baby… and it how common it was for things to go wrong.
-Why many families are looking for guidance on dogs and babies
-How a new baby can impact a dog (and what you can do to make the transition easier)
-Why so many dogs get re-homed when a new baby arrives, and how you can prevent that from happening with your special dog
-A need-to-know stage of baby development that will make your dog anxious, nervous, and even fearful enough to nip
-Why the CDC classifies dogs as the #2 threat to child health
-How to know if your dog will be safe for your new baby
-What to do if you suspect your dog may not be able to cope with the transition
-Mikes #1 tip for families preparing for a new baby with a furbaby in residence


Do you want to learn a step-by-step approach for training your dog to love your baby? You can check out my new self-paced online course, where I teach you practical and easy-to-implement techniques. You can find it here: Good Dog Happy Baby Course




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