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I’m proud to feature the work of professionals who are close partners with Good Dog Happy Baby. I encourage you to learn more about their work.

about-sarah-imgSarah McMoyler, RN, BSN, has seen over 25,000 Bay Area expectant parents come through her classroom doors for her signature McMoyler Method™ course. As a Labor & Delivery nurse, mother of two, childbirth educator, and triathlete, she views ‘Birth and Parenting as Extreme Sports!’ Just as athletes prepare for their event, so must expectant parents be ready for the biggest event of their lives.

McMoyler Method™ was developed based on Sarah’s experience with couples arriving in Labor & Delivery completely unprepared, not knowing how to cope with pain or how to communicate with the healthcare team. She developed the first condensed, childbirth class that is relevant to today’s busy, expectant parents, helping them establish realistic goals necessary to navigate effectively through labor & delivery. McMoyler Method™ features a medically-based, factual approach, with Sarah’s unique ability to entertain while educating. She involves Partners throughout the class, to impress upon them that their support throughout labor & delivery and at home is vital to the overall success of becoming a new family.

Her book The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery, brought national attention to her Bay Area classes with individuals and hospitals across the country asking for McMoyler Methodology. The Best Birth Online Class, powered by McMoyler Method™ was produced so that expectant parents can prepare for birth and parenting wherever they live. Doctors, midwives, and hospitals are choosing The Best Birth online class as a great option for their busy, expectant patients to receive prenatal education in the comfort of their homes.

Contact: McMoyler Method, Inc. | The Best Birth, LLC | P.O. Box 2143 | Sausalito, CA 94966 | (415) 389.0746 |

“Will Our Doggie Like our Baby?!” This is a very common concern coming from the thousands of expectant parents attending the childbirth classes that I teach in downtown San Francisco. These couples have typically been raising Fido like “their baby” and cannot imagine how to prepare themselves, their home OR their dog for the new arrival.  

You know who these people are: very accomplished, highly professional, and over the moon with excitement about this new chapter in their lives…and still, they remain clues about their four legged baby.

Enter Mike Wombacher! He is nationally recognized as the source to assist these very busy, stressed out expectant and new parents. Lucky for us, he lives in the Bay Area, allowing him to make home visits in addition to the classes he teaches.

All dog owners who are preparing to bring a newborn into their homes need to contact Mike – increasing the success for a smooth transition, for Fido, the baby and the proud parents. As intelligent as these parents are – they are in brand new territory, and will gain not only knowledge, and confidence – they will create a safe environment for their new family…after all, as sweet and loveable as Fido may be – sibling rivalry often rears it’s ugly head!

My recommendation is to consult with Mike before the baby is born, establishing an action plan for bringing baby home, introducing Fido, and ensuring that your first baby will like the new baby. ~Sarah McMoyler

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