Welcome! Here are two short training videos I’m sharing with you as part of the launch of my Good Dog Happy Baby Video Course.

In this first video (6min), I work with a Cocker Spaniel named Russ who has already bitten the child in the video once.

Despite the history, I felt Russ had enough potential to get over this behavior and still develop a nice and respectful relationship with the child.

It’s only about 6 minutes long so take a look.

In this second video (12min), I work with a father, his doberman, and his little girl. Unlike the focus on preparing for the arrival of your baby, here we work with an older child (3 to 4 years old) and the family dog.

The exercises I teach in this video are designed to change the relationship between the dog and the child. We achieve this by teaching the little girl how to interact with the dog constructively.

In the process, we help the dog understand that the child is a little person who carries some measure of the adult’s authority.

Want to learn more about preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby?

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