012: Your Dog Is Aggressive towards other Dogs. Is Your Child at Risk?

your dog is aggressive

Dog-On-Dog Aggression Or Dog-On-Baby Aggression? Morgan: Alright, here’s the question for today: “My dog hates other dogs. Should I be concerned that this will be a problem with my child?” Mike: Well, I would say if your dog hates other dogs, it’s probably always a little bit of a cause for concern, and something you […]

The Yin & Yang of Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement or Aversive Control?

positive reinforcement dog training

In previous posts I’ve discussed the importance of managing a dog’s social status as well as some of the controversies around this topic. Another topic that’s directly related and generates even more heat is the question of what role positive reinforcement dog training and aversives should play. The Yin and Yang of Dog Training On one […]

How Important Is Social Status To Your Dog?

How Important Is Social Status To Your Dog?

If there are many ways to skin a cat there are easily as many ways to train a dog. But which one is right? These days that’s a loaded and emotionally charged question. And it’s a controversy I’ve been embroiled in for nearly as long as I’ve been training. How Important Is Social Status To Your […]

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