Is Canine Social Hierarchy Important When Preparing My Dog for My Child?

Morgan: Alright Mike, I’ve got another great question for you today. Are you ready? Mike: Oh, I’m ready. Morgan: Alright, here we go. “I believe hierarchy is socially important for dogs. Number one, do you agree? And number two, do you think this is important in terms of preparing my dog for my child and, […]

I’ve Noticed My Dog Is Very Protective of My Child. Should I Be Concerned?

dog overprotects child

Morgan: Alright Mike, welcome back to the show. I’ve got a great question for you today. Here we go: “I’ve noticed my dog is very protective of my child. Is this something that I should be concerned about?” A Worst-Case Scenario Mike: The short answer is: absolutely, yes. You should be worried about it – […]

023: Your Dog Bites Baby. What Should You Do?

dog bit my baby

The Million Dollar Question Morgan: Alright, Mike, welcome back. I’ve got a great question for you today that really gets to the heart of what we talk about on this podcast. Here it is: “My dog bit my toddler – what should I do?” Mike: That is a very difficult question. I’ll say a couple […]

The First Command You Should Teach Your Dog To Build A Lasting Bond

When you’re preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby, the first order of business is establishing a clear system of obedience. That’s what my Doggy 12-Step Program teaches you in the beginning of Good Dog Happy Baby. It provides you with step-by-step “rank management” instructions for implementing complete behavior modification. And recently, I wrote a guest […]

019: Is It OK To Give My Dog a Last Hurrah Before the Baby Comes?

Morgan: The question for this week, Mike: Is it OK to give my dog a last hurrah before the baby comes? Mike: Well, no, actually [laughter]. It’s one of the big mistakes that people make. It’s funny, I laughed because I was actually having this conversation with somebody last night, with whom I was consulting […]

017: Your Baby Is Crawling and Your Dog Is Growling. Is it too Late?

Is It Too Late? Morgan: Mike, the question for today: “I didn’t prepare my dog for my baby. My baby’s now crawling, and my dog is growling – am I in trouble? Is it too late?” Mike: Well, that’s a tough question, man. The answer is: “Kind of, yes.” [Laughter]. This is one of the […]

016: Are there Different Developmental Stages I Need To Be Concerned About?

Development Is For Parents AND Babies! Mike: Definitely. They come both pre-natal and post-natal, right? So, pre-natal is not really a developmental issue – you just have a ticking timer going between the time you find out that you’re pregnant, and then the time that you actually deliver the baby. And that’s the phase, in […]

015: Are Your Children Safe with Your Bully Breed?

bully breed

  Bully Breeds – Always A Danger? Morgan: The question for this week: “I have a bully breed, and have been told that they are never going to be safe with children. Is that actually true? And should I get rid of my dog?” Can you answer these questions? Also, can you define for me […]

013: Loud Noises Freak Out Your Dog. What Should You Do?

Loud Noises Dog

Strange Noises In The Night Morgan: The question for this week: “Loud noises freak my dog out – is this a problem? What should I do?” Mike: Well yes, I think it kind of is a problem, because dogs that are jumpy and spooky around loud noises are going to be jumpy and spooky around […]

012: Your Dog Is Aggressive towards other Dogs. Is Your Child at Risk?

your dog is aggressive

Dog-On-Dog Aggression Or Dog-On-Baby Aggression? Morgan: Alright, here’s the question for today: “My dog hates other dogs. Should I be concerned that this will be a problem with my child?” Mike: Well, I would say if your dog hates other dogs, it’s probably always a little bit of a cause for concern, and something you […]

011: How Should You Deal with Very Young and Very Old Dogs?

very young dogs

New Dog Plus New Baby Equals Double Trouble! Morgan: So, Mike, the question for today: “My dog is very young, and full of energy, and she has very little impulse-control – what should I do?” Mike: Well, it’s similar to what we discussed a couple of podcasts ago about a dog that generally has a […]

010: Your Dog Is A Spoiled Alpha Dog. What Should You Do?

dog is spoiled alpha

Is your dog used to being the center of your attention? Are you worried that with baby on the way, she’s going to feel displaced and act out? Is she a spoiled alpha dog? In this episode, we pick apart this question and give you practical advice on how to prepare your dog so she’s […]

009: You Have a High Energy Dog. What Should You Do?

high energy dog

Are high energy dogs potentially dangerous to your baby or toddler? That’s a great questions and the answer is yes. Here are some ways you can mitigate the hazards of a rambunctious dog. The Primary Dangers Of High Energy Dogs Morgan: So, the question for this week, Mike, is: what if I have a high energy […]

008: What should you do if your dog has separation anxiety?

dog separation anxiety

In the previous episode, we explored the question: My dog is afraid of being touched in sensitive areas of her body – should I be concerned? And Mike really took us very deep into this topic. Yes, he said – with great emphasis – you should be concerned. And then, he began to unpack it. And this […]

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